Saturday, March 27, 2010

Devils everywhere

Everywhere they exists.

Human skins they wore.

Vile laughter as sly.

Great performers of pretend.

Sprouting words of deceit.

Not knowing they are one.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Conquered Mount Olympus ... yet again ...

My Vengence has Ended!

This experience has certainly confused me with the minor difference between cinematic cut-scene times and gameplay. One moment you're watching a very enormous movement of a Titan's hand. Then you spotted a speck of dust moving to our controller's movement and realized it's Kratos. As the camera zooms in, your enemies appear and the game breaks into the normal gameplay. The transitions are great. Giving you the sense of Epicness on a larger scale. As usual the real-time action scenes are so darn exciting. Krato practically flew everywhere and could do almost anything to anyone, Gods or Titans. It doesn't fking matters to a very angry blog of rageball called Kratos. He just blast through all of them.

Near the end sequence, there is a part of the experience which reminds me much of Max Payne. Been a while since games tried this approach. Certainly enables the storytellers to express themselvesin another form that touches our inner feelings.

This is my 2nd AAA game this year, after Bioshock 2. A good year for PS3 indeed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Loss of Self

Doing so many random shit that I wouldn't be doing in the past. Such a loss of pride and self-worth. Such a worthless venture. Perhaps I should set sail back to shore soon....

Much is lost but some could still be saved before all is lost.

Monday, December 28, 2009


It was a scary nightmare.

A room on the 10th floor. Rocking very hard. Like balancing a block of ice on the top of a champagne bottle.

It starts to tilt towards the front.

And it fall. Out of the sky, flunging me outwards towards the tar ground.

I cannot remember the rest. Only lots of screaming and blood...

Monday, November 23, 2009

I've become the God of War

4 years after its release, I've finally completed this game thanks to the release of God of War Collection on PS3.

Even at this age, this 4 years old game still has its appeal and the tuned up graphics certainly lessen the impact of aged pixels. The intensity and rage was still burning good and should be played by every self-respected gamer. It's not an easy game and the satisfaction gained from plunging the Sword of Artemis into Ares is well earned.

I tried the God of War 3 Demo after and was wowed by the great leap to HDMI format for the game. It almost was like watching a movie. Cannot wait for the game to be released in March 2010.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is at the end?

It was dark. A loud shriek echoes sparks my footsteps into a frenzy pace. There wasn't any moment to look back. Dodging branches and roots, I run and run forward, oblivious to the darkness in front. "SNAP" "SNAP" "SNAP" Loud sharp sounds inches nearer and and nearer despite the speed I swirl though the forest grounds. It is coming closer and closer! Images of crimson fangs fill the mind as my legs climbed the thick undergrowth that the eyes barely picked up in the alluring moonlight.


Darkness fills as my mind slips away, my brain sending the last waves of impulse....

Please treasure your life. Show compassion to the weak. There is no need to laugh at others' mistakes. Do not greed for wealth and power. We all die. Let's not make each other more miserable.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

元気ロケッツ (Genki Rockets)

Fallen in love with a strange type of music thanks to No More Heroes. Cannot stop listening to it :o

Source : Wikipedia

Genki Rockets (元気ロケッツ) is a hybrid band made up of unnamed musical artists. The face of the group is a fictional character named Lumi, an 18-year old girl who was born in space on September 11 2037 and has never been to Earth.

This is the music that is in No More Heroes..

Lyrics from YouTube Poster:

I hear you whispering surrounded in silence
Blue vibration
I hear the waves singing in the distance
Pure isolation
I smile into the distance faraway from you
We're in resolution
I'm Dreaming, touching, breathing side by side, yeh
Dive into the sky

Let's get away, fly away 
I found the path to paradise
Shining spiral of gold
Take my hand, find our way out

Heavenly stars above
Just believe what's in your heart
No border between us
I can always feel you inside

Where ever we are

I see you, feel you, I'm your creation
Ever lasting affection
Life's an endless spiral going round
Yes, we are in love

Let's get away, fly away 
I found the path to paradise
Shining spiral of gold
Take my hand, find our way out

Heavenly stars above
Just believe what's in your heart
No boarder between us
I can always feel you inside

Where ever we are

Let's get away, fly away
I'm feeling raindrops on my face
Sun shines through the clouds yeh
Rainbow all around us

I spread my wings, fly away
The wind sweeps me off my feet
Blowing me away yeh
Trees whispering to me

I'm feeling free now

Let's get away, fly away
I found the path to paradise
Shining spiral of gold
Take my hand, find our way out

Heavenly stars above
Just believe what's in your heart
No boarder between us
Nothing can divide us

Where ever we are

When I first heard this song, it gives me a feeling that I was in 1 of those shops in Japanese like Akiharaba or Shibuya that has those black makeup girls (101 Girls I think). It's like so bubbly and JPOPish that I love it so much. I admit I went back to Naomi's Lab just to listen to it ^-^ Oh, I just hit like 35 listens in 2 days :)

This music is so spirit-lifting. The game is so great that it's beyond words. It has such a distinct punkish Japanesezy stlye with a parody of so many things.

Their second song is called Breeze. It's very nice and I like it too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Screenies on April's Fool

and it continues...

The statue of Azshara

A hydra lies in wait.. be sliced upon

Setting up an ambush

*Victory fanfare playing

Escape flash games

Try out these japanese escape flash games that are very well made and mysterious in a way.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's continue the Screenshots!

Continuing my chronicles in Azeroth..

Fireworks in Shattrath!

Hail my lady

Ragesteel Set

Daethor in Exodar, the crashed "Spaceship ?!" of the Draenei

Daethor standing on a ledge..

..and jumped!

O'ros, the naaru of Exodar

Moonlight shine upon the guilty and the innocent alike

Big Christmas tree in IronForge

Parody of you-know-who

The shaky Hippoglyph. It was cool, for a few months.

Waiting for the deeprun tram. Couldn't complain, it was free. Just the number of rats in the area..

What was that buried under?

The ruined city of Andorhal

Talking to the horde in sign language

Lots of mobbies waiting for us to killies

Woot, it's a lich!

Dancing on a rock